Important information! Please be aware that as part of this relief campaign we only print all orders on Fridays. This means that we will send the shirts by Wednesday of the following week at the latest! And please look at the size chart. The shirts or products cannot be exchanged later because we only print them on your order request. (please check terms and conditions) If you have any questions, please send us a mail. ! Thank you for your visit and your understanding!

How it Work`s

Keep calm and work together! Initiative Soli(darity) Shirts - „Together through the crisis.“ You have a small business like we do? No matter if Band / Artist / Bar / Café / Restaurant / Tattooshop… or anything else? And your business is suffering in times of the Corona - Crisis? Let’s work together, support and help each other in terrible time like these! Our idea: Send us a design (one-colored) for your Soli-Shirt. We will upload your design to our online shop. You will receive 10,00 € for each sold shirt. All you have to do? Promote your Soli-Shirt to your friends, fans, customers and on all your social media accounts. Sounds good? Well then go! Sent us your one-colored Soli-Shirt design. We will send you a preview of your Soli-Shirt. We will upload it to our online shop after you grant us permission. Now your supporters can buy your Soli-Shirt online for 20,00 € (exclusive Shipping). It’s on you to promote your Soli-Shirt on your Facebook / Instagram and all your other social media accounts. Once a week (Friday) your Soli-Shirt is printed and shipped latest monday to your supporters. And the best, each Friday is payday for you an we will transfer the weekly revenues to your bank account. Neither you have any costs or work and you will get 10,00 € (for each sold shirt) as support! Shirt: We will use screen-printing, one color and on one side, on a black or white Gildan® Heavy Cotton Shirt. Design: We need a 300dpi PSD / PDF / Illustrator / JPG or PNG file, preferably in original size (max. 38 x 55 cm equal 14,97’’ x 21,65’’). Let’s start! Only together we are strong!